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smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop

Have you looked at your website on your smartphone or tablet lately?
If your site doesn’t display properly on a mobile device you could be missing out on potential sales. Did you know 46% of people exclusively use mobile for research? This percentage is high and it’s only going to grow! Now’s the time to upgrade to a responsive site design so that your content will display great on any device! Source: 2013 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study by Telmetrics and xAd.

Does your home page clearly state whom you serve, the service or product you offer and the benefit to your customer?
Put your ego aside, it’s not about you; it’s about the solution(s) you provide to your customers. Don’t worry, you can write about ALL your accomplishments on the “About” page or in the “Success Stories” sections of your website.

How do you want your prospects to feel when they visit your site?
Perhaps you want them to feel relieved–because they found a solution to their problem. Excited–because you inspire and give them hope. Take a moment to think about how you want your prospects to feel. Now adjust your copy to support the feeling(s) you want them to have.

What “call to action” do you want your prospects to take?
Maybe you want them to demo your product/service free for 30 days, sign up for your e-newsletter or download a coupon. Whatever the action is, be sure to include an “opt-in” form to capture contact information so that you can continue to build a relationship with them. Make sure your “call to action” is absurdly CLEAR and in a visible  position on the home page (as well as sub pages) so that you do not confuse your prospect.  Remember–a confused mind will not take action.

Do you have to apologize for certain content?
Is it time to update your message, add new products, photos, or pricing to your site? Nothing turns prospects away faster than outdated information. Anything that you’re apologizing for, like outdated information, is something that must change!

What online outlets are you utilizing to drive traffic to your website?
Are you currently using social media? Do you have a web strategy defined? Do you use an e-marketing service to communicate with your customers on a regular basis? If you’re not using some form of e-marketing today, I encourage you to learn more about these “no-to-low-cost” outlets.

How are you measuring your website’s activity?
If you’re not measuring your website’s activity – sign up for Google Analytics, it’s totally FREE and easy to implement. Track and measure which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and see how visitors actually interact with your site. Make informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits.

When evaluating your site, keep in mind the following:

  • Is your site optimized for every device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop)?
  • People want to know: “what’s in it for me”?
  • What feeling does your site convey?
  • What action do you want your prospect to take? What “Calls to Action” do you have on each page?
  • Make certain your site reflects who your company is today, keep your content informative, clear and current.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with various online “no-to-low-cost” social outlets to build relationships with your target audience.
  • Benchmark your website’s activity with Google Analytics before starting a new campaign so that you can measure your ongoing progress.

Okay, now that you’ve reviewed the above information, does your website need a makeover?
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