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  • You cannot improve what you do not measure!

    Measurable marketing results

    Measurement is the key to optimizing your advertising budget and ultimately growing your bottom line. Let’s put measurements in place to analyze what marketing channels are working and weed out the ones that are not so that you can make the most of your marketing spend.

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  • 5 Tweet Formulas to Engage Your Clients

    Twitter Tips

    Recently, Entrepreneur.com posted “10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following” Check out the complete list here.

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  • Take the website evaluation…

    smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop

    Have you looked at your website on your smartphone or tablet lately? If your site doesn’t display properly on a mobile device you could be missing out on potential sales. Did you know 46% of people exclusively use mobile for research? This percentage is high and it’s only going to grow! Now’s the time to […]

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  • Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thank You’!

    Don't for get to say Thank You

    In today’s instant communication era, a personal letter sent through the mail is considered somewhat of an anomaly. But that’s why it’s so valuable. When you write a note by hand and the sentiment is personalized, it demonstrates to the recipient that they were important enough for you to pull out the stationary box and […]

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  • 7 Free New Social Media Ebooks!

    Social Media icons

    I received these free ebooks from Mike Crosson in my Social Media Marketing Group on LinkedIn. One of the many reasons I LOVE LinkedIn! Just sign up and enjoy…

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  • Marketing is key to strategy for business

    Marketing strategy

    When asked, many people define marketing as advertising or sales. While those are both important components in the marketing mix, marketing is actually much broader than that. The key is to think of marketing as a critical and fundamental part of your overall business strategy.

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  • How to delegate so you can grow!

    Delegate so you can grow

    New clients often ask, “I see that your service could be very useful to me, but how do I get started and know what I can delegate to you?”

    Answer: Simply follow the 3-step process below and check out the list of most requested services.

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  • The rise of the micro-business

    home-based business is on the rise

    Today, people want to run a business on a small scale that can be worked in to their lifestyle, and started without a huge financial investment.

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